Final Report, MIT Committee on EVAT

Short-Range Recommendations

The recommendations on this page can start being implemented immediately. Other pages contain medium-range and long-range recommendations.

Many of these recommendations are designed to promote and support universal access to the MIT network and to the Web. Routine educational use of the Web or other advanced technologies requires that all students (a) already be familiar with these technologies, and (b) have convenient access. In a similar way, faculty, teaching assistants, support staff, and others contributing to the educational mission must also be familiar with the technologies in question.

  1. Access. We believe that all members of the MIT community who contribute to the Institute's educational mission should have access to the Internet, and be able to use the Web as needed.
  2. Familiarization.
  3. Oversight. Information technology will be increasingly central to MIT's educational missions. Faculty oversight of educational technology priorities and operations is increasingly important.

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