Final Report, MIT Committee on EVAT

How the Committee Operated

The committee was formed in October 1994. It immediately decided what to call itself (Committee on Education Via Advanced Technologies) and set up its own home page whose URL was widely publicized. It also set up an e-mail address to which people on the Internet could send comments and messages. These comments were available in a news group named for general discussion, and were archived in a browsable set of pages on the Web.

A letter announcing the formation of the committee was sent, by the chairman, to the MIT Faculty Council, which consists of the upper-level administration, department heads, and lab directors. A similar letter was sent to faculty and staff in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science inviting their ideas.

The committee did not hold public meetings. The reason is that we were asked to report by January 1995, and there simply was no time. Of the six meetings held, four were with only the committee and its staff, and two included invited guests. The discussions, which covered a wide range of topics, provided the basis for this report.

The first draft of the report, written by the Chair of the committee, was placed on the Web and read by other members of the committee and a small number of outside people who were solicited for comments. As a result of their comments, the draft evolved into its final form during the Spring of 1995.

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