Final Report, MIT Committee on EVAT

Medium-Range Recommendations

These recommendations can be started during the next twelve months. Other pages contain short-range and long-range recommendations.

We recommend:

  1. Pedagogic Initiatives. Advanced technologies should enable new ways of teaching what we teach.
  2. Distance Learning. The advanced technologies studied by the committee enable and improve communications, and can thereby enhance the effectiveness of distance learning.
  3. Alumni/ae Relations. Our alumni/ae should be able to benefit from continuing MIT education. One long-range recommendation deals with this opportunity. Improved alumni/ae relations can benefit MIT and the alumni/ae in many ways even before extensive educational programs can be mounted.
  4. Academic Support. Our normal teaching program can benefit from the infusion of advanced technologies into the management of the effort.
  5. Administrative Support. Advanced technologies should be used routinely in administrative procedures at MIT.

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