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Welcome to the MIT EVAT home page.

The ad hoc MIT committee on Education Via Advanced Technologies (EVAT) is investigating the opportunities offered by today's advanced technologies to education. The technologies under consideration include, but are not restricted to, the Internet, the world-wide web, CD-ROMs, hypertext, hypermedia, multimedia, personal portable communication, personal portable computation, and interactive television.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Messages sent to land in a browsable archive on the world-wide web.

The committee was established in October, 1994, by Joel Moses, Dean of Engineering, at the request of Charles M. Vest, President of MIT.

Final Report

The committee final report was issued July 31, 1995. It is a hypertext, hypermedia document published on the World Wide Web. The master copy of the report is the Web version, but the report is available in other formats derived from the master copy.

Committee Membership:


The formation of this committee was announced in a letter to the MIT Faculty Council. The final report was announced in a similar letter to the MIT Faculty Council.


Readers are invited to send suggestions and comments to the committee. Send electronic mail through the Internet to where it is combined with other comments and discussion in a news group named mit.evat that is accessible via the normal news group mechanisms. The comments are also placed in a browsable archive on the world-wide web.

When the committee's final report was issued, the news group and the browsable archive were emptied, so earlier material is not longer available.


We are collecting examples of the use of advanced technologies in current MIT subjects. Please let us know of any we have missed.


The final report was issued July 31, 1995.
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